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How to excel in the booming renewable energy market in 2024?

Picture the scene. The blades of a wind turbine laid out across four football pitches. This is the area covered by the new generation of super-sized wind turbines blades. They have rotor diameters exceeding 200m.

These giant wind turbines and advancements in technology are one of the reasons why the worldwide renewable energy market is booming.

The International Renewable Energy Agency forecasts global renewable energy capacity to double by 2030, reaching 4,800 GW (gigawatts).

The growing ren

New Podcast with Insurtech UK CEO, Melissa Collett

Insurtech UK CEO Melissa Collett is fighting hard on a range of issues so its members can remain global leaders of innovation.

Winning Government-backed funding for UK insurtechs is a top priority, says Insurtech UK CEO Melissa Collett in the latest Voice of Insurance podcast.

Collett says there is ‘money available’ for UK insurtechs to win, especially as the Government has outlined the UK insurtech sector as a priority for growth.

Money can come from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Inno